I don’t know where I’m from, so the concept of place fascinates me.

The feeling of not having a hometown informs my photography. I wait for dramatic light and atmosphere to describe the essential curiosity and excitement of how I see the world. Creating a body of work displaying these connections helps the world seem more unified.


Why are there so many flat horizon lines in my work? I grew up in western Kansas.

Why am I so fascinated with rocky landscapes of the southwest? I grew up in western Kansas.

My upbringing is peppered with small towns, and a couple cities. I no longer retain ties to any of them, except the latest one: It’s where I keep all my stuff. But instead of feeling disconnected, that constant relocation across Kansas and Oklahoma instilled in me a powerful interest in the concept of place.

Didn’t everybody have a darkroom in their house? My earliest memory with photography was around age 7 when my father invited me to keep him company in the darkroom. At that age, seeing a white sheet of paper turn into a photograph is magic. Everywhere we moved, my father taught high school yearbook, and that sense of magic followed it. The only formal training I have in photography is from enrolling in the yearbook class.

My photographic interest lay dormant as I pursued other interests (oil painting, design, architecture, computer science, marketing.) That indecisiveness led my photography to be aimless until my senior year of college: A three-week painting class in Tuscany permanently changed how I saw the world. Upon returning home, my surroundings became as fascinating as if I saw them for the first time. Long distances became closer, and seemingly different places revealed their intrinsic connection.

2003 – Received Bachelor of Fine Arts from Oklahoma State University
2004 to 2007 – Honed the craft. Aligned all my interests into supporting digital photography
2008 – Started participating in art shows
2008 – Started offering commercial photographic services (architecture and real estate)

Since 2008, I have offered my work at over 80 art festivals in the area, and won a dozen awards.

I currently live in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

In addition to fine art, I also offer my photographic services to construction, design, and real estate companies around Oklahoma.


The camera, blissfully unaware of every other aspect of a photograph, happily captures light from the scene. Where development software sees the world in stoic megapixels, we see stunning color, nostalgia, and whimsy.

All photos are shot, developed, printed, painstakingly scrutinized, and assembled by me, at my home studio. Finished pieces are presented on a variety of heavy cotton papers and canvas.

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