Most of these entries were posted from my phone as I was running the booth:

Day 3:

2:15pm — It’s been gray for so long, what is this ball of fire in the sky? Some people are calling it “The Son”.. Who’s son is it, and why is he on fire? It is a mystery..

Day 2:

6:30pm … Crowd so thick that I haven’t had time to post!
(’s one of those good problems!)

Day 1:

6:00PM — Live music and half again more artists, and now the place is kickin’!

3:30PM — sold a print about an hour ago, but now it’s everything I’ve got to keep from falling asleep.

11:00AM — so cold I can see my breath, so wet that I had no need to take a shower this morning, and the new management is so new that nobody really knows where their assigned booth spot is.

8:35AM — waiting in line for 20 minutes to check in.

7:40AM — oh look…

7:05AM — Welp, it’s raining.