It moved

Most art shows require massive winds in order to be scooted across town. This time it was (rumored to be) moved with the vocal support of just a half-dozen people. A little birdie told me that a few downtown shops don’t like the show being downtown because its presence supposedly hurts their business. So, our show is now one block over, on Husband Street.

Dear Downtown Shops,

If you really can’t stand that crowd of several thousand people who are walking just outside your front door, DON’T DO ANYTHING! Thank you for not wanting to attract their attention. Thank you for pushing them a block away. My bank account is very thankful for your (lack of) marketing decisions. Keep ignoring the crowd, please!

– Jason


Being the first show of the season, it’s where I get back into the swing of things.

The Weather in Oklahoma

If you want to know the variety of weather in Oklahoma, just attend this festival.

However, the new location is a problem.. Husband Street has no drainage:

2015 - stillwater - 01
trying not to get wet
2015 - stillwater - 02
my water feature
2015 - stillwater - 03
sit back and enjoy the sun!
2015 - stillwater - 04
that sky will cancel any show.

Once the sky turned ugly, two things happened: I took a photo of it (because it’s fantastic!), and the show was canceled about two hours early.