When I attended this show for the first time last year, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I brought my entire tent (as I always do) but soon found out I didn’t need it — the entire show was taking place inside several huge circus tents!

The relief presented by the promise of a much simpler setup process was utterly annihilated upon entering one of the huge tents. The temperature outside was already approaching 90F, but the tent contained an invisible block of heat roughly 20 degrees warmer. It was a white tent, there were no sides.. The air should have had no trouble coming through, but there was nothing we could do. I would not have been surprised if some corner of the huge tent contained the sign, “Welcome to The Sweatbox.”

(Image taken 2009) ..I'm sweating just looking at it

During the past year, I spoke to several artists and customers at previous shows, and there was a consensus — AFO at OCCC is way too damned hot. Some people admitted that they don’t attend this show for that very reason.

Fortunately (possibly), the powers that be have changed things this year. Instead of just having several huge tents full of hot, sweaty, exhausted artists and customers, they have several huge tents full of hot, sweaty, exhausted artists and customers AND a couple rows of booths outside of the huge tents!

These new (and likely more comfortable) booth spots were available for an additional fee: Booths behind the tents were $25 more, and booths in front were $50 more than the already $300 booth fee. I jumped at the opportunity, and due to the proximity to the food court and parking lot, I signed up for the most expensive booth spots they offer.. the ones in the front.

Here’s the official map on OCCC’s AFO website.

..and here it is with my annotations:

Booth 6 - safely nestled between the food court and Sweatbox 2!

I’m frantically getting new work printed and framed, and hopefully you can visit my booth without passing out from heat exhaustion. Good luck!

For more information about the show: http://www.occc.edu/AFO/