EDIT (02/19/2010)
Good news! The Blue Dome Festival is on its way back! (see this post)

original post:

I recently received a letter from the Tulsa-based organization Local Art Matters saying that they are no longer producing the Blue Dome Arts Festival. The letter implied that having the show in the Blue Dome neighborhood caused problems with Tulsa Mayfest, which is only a block away. I can only speculate that the damage it received during a storm this past year didn’t help much either.

However, their Board of Directors made a unanimous decision that “an arts district is the best and most logical place for an arts festival.” So in that spirit, they have decided to have a show in the Brady Arts District (on Brady Street between Main and Boston, and on Main Street north of Brady — Google Street View). Like the Blue Dome Festival, the spring event will take place on the same weekend as Tulsa Mayfest. A quick search on Google makes the neighborhood look like a good choice: it’s about a block from both Cain’s Ballroom and the historic Brady Theater.

They are also having a fall show at Brady: October 31, 10am-6pm.

I’ll certainly give it a shot!

For more info: www.lamok.org