Due to circumstances, I will arrive at the Edmond Art Festival this weekend with the most limited inventory I have ever had, and the (temporary) inability to create more. Up until now, I didn’t consider my work to be limited, but now it’s “Limited Edition WYSIWYG” — what you see is what you get, and when I run out, that’s it! (..for a couple months.)

I will be able to create 18×24″ prints on Moab paper, but I will not be able to create new canvas frames until about halfway into June.

Bad News: I will not have the following images in canvas

“Gloss Landscape” (1 print)

“Sunrain” (4 prints)

“Thin Falls” (completely out)

“Tired” (2 prints) — This is especially tough because this image is quite popular in Edmond.

“Twins” (2 prints)

“Union” (10 prints) — Also tough because it’s my post popular photo when doing shows in Oklahoma (except when near Norman, for obvious reasons.)

If you want to order one now, I will have to resort to a commercial printing service.

The Good News

Soon, I will have my own wide-format printer. Stay tuned!