It’s no longer sustainable:



I can’t bring myself to just sit around the house that weekend. I’ve done that show so much (since 2009) that it will take every fiber in my being to keep from instinctively going and setting up my tent, despite their field being empty.

About their decline in attendance: Why couldn’t they just move it to a different weekend? Due to cosmic reasons outside of our control, Labor Day weekend in Oklahoma has exceeded 100F nearly every year for the past decade. And when I would mention this show to anyone, they would respond with something similar to, “It’s a good show, but it’s so hot!” It didn’t matter if I was talking to a fellow artist, or a potential customer, heat was the major complaint.

I really wish they could re-tool it. Different weekend? Does it need the large circus tents? Could it use a smaller stage? Could we have it indoors — their new Performing Arts building has a large atrium.

OCCC, I’m gonna miss you.