In order to make the previous story a happy one, here are the things I left out:

For some silly reason, I was convinced I would sell a good percentage of my inventory, “Since southwestern art doesn’t sell in South Carolina, it just has to sell in Arizona, right??” Well, the Tucson show was a perfect storm of problems all coming together.

Some of the problems were my fault, some of them were the show’s fault, and then you’ve got the economy, which nobody knows what to do with..

Now I know what NOT to do. Until I figure out a new strategy for applying to art shows, I will be limiting myself to ones to which I can drive in less than a day. (After seeing one of the vendors pull in a crapton of profit, it’s looking more appealing to go back to my roots and set up that lemonade stand again.)

One final thought: Even though there are lots of interesting people wandering up and down the festival, don’t ever take more than one candid shot of someone. I learned that the hard way — I was nearly pummeled by a guy on stilts. Oh, and don’t ever piss off anybody with stilts.