2016 Ponca City art festival review – “this year, it’s travel size”

Until now, I had never done a show the size of a food court. I had heard good things — especially that’s it’s been going on for 40+ years. This show definitely has potential, it’s in good proximity to Stillwater,  the city involves stories of old oil money. And since OCCC closed up shop, I […]

Sad News — Arts Festival Oklahoma at OCCC is gone. :(

It’s no longer sustainable: http://www.occc.edu/afo/index.html   I can’t bring myself to just sit around the house that weekend. I’ve done that show so much (since 2009) that it will take every fiber in my being to keep from instinctively going and setting up my tent, despite their field being empty. About their decline in attendance: Why couldn’t they […]

2016 Edmond Art Festival Review – “They’re coming in hot!”

Everybody else sleeps. You don’t want to just do what everybody else does, right? Before I gush about how this was my highest-grossing show ever, I have to offer some advice: If you do the Edmond show, either bring enough inventory, or drive home every night and make more prints. Friday will generally give you a good […]

2016 – The year of very few shows

I will be attending only one more art festival in Oklahoma this spring, and likely only one in the fall. Due to an upcoming vacation, I will be skipping the Lawton Arts Festival, the Tulsa festivals (Mayfest and Blue Dome), and the Paseo Arts Festival in OKC. Spring 2016 If you are planning to see/purchase […]