Scott Kelby’s “The Grid” – Three guys in Florida pick through my portfolio

When I was studying oil painting in college, my professor dropped this clever bit of wisdom on us, “If you paint something weird, you’ll simply have a weird painting. But if you paint 19 more of them, you’ll have a portfolio.” Twelve years later, I’m shooting photos of landscapes, landscapes with buildings, landscapes with found […]

Bill Burr on art festivals

HAHA! Oh, I have never ever ever had thoughts like this at art shows. Nope, not ever :)   That said, I’ve also had equally unlikely thoughts of doing this too:

Zen and the Art of Landscape Photography

Upon walking into my art book and glancing across all of my photos, a gentleman posed the question, “Did you actually go to all of these places?” In order to fit with accepted social norms, and avoid being some unpleasant fellow who wants to argue the nature of every fleeting thought which winds its way […]

How to give a photographer a brain aneurysm

Walk into their art booth and say at least one of the following: “Are these pitchers?!” or my personal favorite, “Are these real pitchers?” “Did you take all these?” “Did you fake this?” “Did you really go to these places?” “Where do you display your work?” (..said while standing inside my booth.) “Are all these […]