2011 updates and things and stuff

OMG, where has the time gone. It’s 2011 already? ..and nearly two months into it?? I was hoping to write a few more iPhone app reviews, create a real estate & commercial photo gallery, brag about all the work I’m doing for the Stillwater Art Guild, get all excited about the art shows I’m getting […]

Blissfully ignoring the fact that I should be picking up the pieces.

Yeah, there’s broken glass everywhere. I’ll deal with that later. But first.. A little birdie told me that during late-October and early-November, all of the leaves on the trees collectively take LSD, change into bright magical colors, eventually get dizzy enough to jump from the balconies of their summer homes, gracefully drift to the earth […]

Teaching Photography..

If you heard that I was going to teach a photography class in Stillwater, things have changed, and I will not be teaching any courses. However, if you are interested in a one-on-one tutorial, please contact me directly. Sorry for any confusion.

X-Rite Color Test

X-Rite has this nifty little online test for checking how well your eyes can discern different colors: The Color IQ Test. Here’s what the test looks like when you start. Simply arrange the color squares to create a gradient from left to right. Sounds easy enough, right? When you’re done, click the “Score Test” button […]

So this is what a corrupt memory card looks like!

It’s like looking into the face of God: Oh well, after copying the non-corrupt images and formatting the card, I was good to go. That is, until the “CHA” error popped up again.. Let’s hope my trusty little D70 isn’t going to die any time soon. :(