Bring it, kid.

The evening of the second day at OCCC contained the perfect storm of uncomfortable weather, pathetic sales, and now this. I understand that some of my photos look so unbelievable that people question how long it took me to piece them together in Photoshop, but this little encounter takes the cake. Scenario: I already had […]

AT&T Sucks, and Apple isn’t helping

While out driving, I need a constant supply of music, talk radio and other such noisy things to keep my brain from eating itself.  A few weeks ago, I was out doing a photoshoot in Broken Bow, in the southeast corner of Oklahoma. That part of the state isn’t very well connected the rest of […]

PSA: What NOT to do when you enter an art booth.

My first blog post from back in 2008 is titled “How to Sell Photography at Art Festivals“, and it encourages people who are interested in doing art shows to study what other artists are doing. Sure enough, another photographer has been stopping by my booth over the years to ask questions, and I’ve been happily […]

As of 2011, No More Limited Editions

Heck with all this. Read Brooks Jensen’s article. ….. I discussed this topic over the past year with a couple posts (first post, second post), and I have come to the conclusion that it is best for me to break the limited editions for all of my prints. If you purchased my work for the […]

The only bad part about Paseo..

Backstory Over the past few years, another retailer in the Paseo District has been setting up their own art show — right next to the Paseo Art Festival, on the same weekend. In fact, the two shows are so close together that many visitors assume that it’s all one big show. Now, this sort of […]