Square Register for iPad (review)

It looks like Square addressed most of the issues I brought up in my first review! Item management Multiple Price Points CSV support for importing & exporting with Excel If you are selling stuff (and you don’t need Quickbooks integration and therefore don’t already use Intuit’s GoPayment app), there’s no reason not to use Square! […]

Considering other credit card apps – GoPayment vs. Square

UPDATE 09/09/2013 My full review of Square Register is much more up-to-date, but the post below is here for historical purposes. — After a year of using the combination of Ring It Up (RIU) and the Innerfence Credit Card app as my “mobile cash register” (see my blog post from Jan 2010), I have noticed […]

KelbyTraining Photoshop Seminar in OKC (review)

(graphic from KelbyTraining) This was my first experience with a Photoshop seminar, and it was pretty mindblowing. For those of you who have never seen an expert go completely bonkers with a mindbogglingly-complicated program such as Photoshop, you’re missing out. If you’re struggling with Photoshop and find yourself sitting in a corner mumbling, “adjustment layers […]

Ring It Up (iPhone app review)

(UPDATE 03/07/2011) – Considering other Credit Card Apps – GoPayment vs Square — I just purchased an iPhone. Everybody and their dog already has one, which means I don’t have to explain what it is. But since everybody knows everything there is to know about people who own iPhones, I have to contend with the […]