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Before the shoot

All photos for MLS, architecture, product and real estate purposes will be licensed with limited terms.

The shoot will begin on an agreed date, after the terms are finalized.

If the shoot will occur on private property, and the client is not the owner of the property being photographed, the client is responsible for contacting the property owner ahead of time. If necessary, client will provide photographer access to private property by use of neighborhood gate codes, keys, etc.


The price will be a single dollar amount, but it includes a few factors:

A cost breakdown is available upon request.

During the shoot

Client representative must either be present during the shoot, or deem the photos “accepted” in advance.

Development and Delivery

Development of the photos will begin upon completion of the photo shoot.

Within 24 hours, I will provide a link to a web gallery of “rough draft” photos.

Complete development will take 1-2 weeks depending on the quantity of photos.

Photos will be delivered in two sizes:

Photos will be made available as a zip file on a protected area on my website. Delivery on CD/DVD is available upon request.

The invoice will be sent immediately after delivery of the finished photos. Payment will be due within 30 days of invoice.

Reshoots & Cancellation


LIMITED TERMS: All copyright (expressed or implied) will be retained by the photographer, unless an agreement has been made to the contrary (or in certain circumstances where specified in the Copyright Act 1968).  On receipt of full payment (or within 7 days from the date shown on the invoice, if applicable), the photographer assigns to the client limited rights to do as they wish with the photos (such as storing, editing, printing, displaying and transmitting the photos).  Photos may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to any other person (including to other owners or agents), unless where expressly agreed to by the photographer.

REAL ESTATE PURPOSES: Location shots taken or provided in relation to promotion of a property may only be used in relation to that property and not in relation to any other property.  Photos will be licensed only in relation to marketing or promotion of the property being sold or leased. Use of photos outside of these guidelines will constitute a breach of copyright.

AWESOME CLAUSE: If the photographer considers your subject to be awesome, you will be encouraged to use the photos for awesome purposes.

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