I have about 20 new prints to make for Mayfest this weekend (actually this afternoon), but I’m having trouble with the printer (Epson 9800 Pro).

When the image has “bands” like this, it’s an indication that the print heads are clogged:

Not quite sellable, unless you want one with bands in it.

When we run a cleaning cycle, we expect the print tests to improve. It did the opposite.

Before is top. After is bottom. (It’s not overexposed. There’s really nothing there.)

Welp, now what?

I’ll show up to Mayfest with a few new canvas images (printed last week), but my print bins will be really thin until I can find a solution to this.

This video tutorial might help. It involves paper towels and Windex. We’ll see.

UPDATE – May 17, 2013

We contacted an Epson printer repair guy from Tulsa. We described the symptoms, and he is convinced the Ink Pump Cap Assembly stopped working. (Clogged print heads don’t all stop at once.) He should be here sometime next week, but that might be too late to get anything done for Paseo. (Update May 23) Yup, the parts are backordered, and he’s showing up on May 29-30 – Too late for Paseo, and just in time for me to leave the country.