As of this post, the current version of Lightroom is v3.5. But with B&H running a one-day half-off sale on Lightroom (on Oct 3), it’s looking like a new version is right around the corner.

Since all the cool kids are doing it (building up their expectations for a future version of their favorite product just to inevitably have it all come crashing down when the final version is released without any of their expected features), here’s what I would like to see in the next version of Lightroom:

First, let’s start with the Develop Module — the main reason why I have Lightroom.

Adjustment brushes for EVERYTHING UNDER THE DAMN SUN.

Auto Mask Feathering

Eraser for the Graduated Filter

An actual, honest-to-god Clone Tool!

Separate RGB Curves

Preview color profiles and gamut warning

Fix the Recovery slider so it doesn’t muck with the hue.

Native Layer and Mask support with multiple images

Rewrite it in a faster language / Improve memory management

Now for other things that aren’t part of the Develop Module.

Library Module – Import multiple photoshoots in one go

Print Module / Custom Package – Guides and Align/Distribute Functions

That said, I love Lightroom! I play it like a video game! But like going from Doom to Doom II, Lightroom needs a double-barrel shotgun.