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  1. Jason, I attended your demonstration in Stillwater last week. I had purchased a print from you last year and I received one of your postcards about the event. It was wonderful getting to learn more about your process. I had to send you this note because you and I share something very funny in common. I was a yearbook/photo student in 95 & 96 and my dad was how I was introduced to photography. In fact I am a yearbook printing rep, which means I never truly left yearbooks. Some of the things you talked about, like the software available in 96, I completely related too and how photoshop is where most darkroom techniques are now performed. Your work is very refreshing and I truly enjoyed the evening. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list and I would love to attend any other events.

  2. Wow, what a cool product suite! Found this through your Art Fair Insiders post…I don’t think I really need to switch from my brick (er…), Nurit 3000. But it’s good to know there’s a cell-based alternative. And you’re one heck of an entertaining writer.

  3. Thanks for the review, it’s the first I’ve found on eBay for RIU. Plus, we’re in the same boat, I just got my iPhone this morning :)

    Party because I wanted something to scan barcodes with, but my requirements are quite specific, and as a review is unlikely to cover it in detail, any chance you could let me know how easy RIU is for the following? And please excuse the limited knowledge of RIU, I’ve used the free version for about 30 seconds (and unfortunately there’s no barcode scanner, at least that I can find).

    In short, RIU seems to be based around selling. I want to use something for buying. I just want to scan a barcode, have it search a product list and tell me the price relating to an EAN (so I know a guide buy-in price). Except, I need to do it via CSV (or other locally stored file, which I can generate in most formats, everything’s held in a MySQL database for now) as I’m cheap and have no 3G data subscription. Or even a SIM, for now.

    Pretty much every barcode scanner I see won’t do local file searching, but RIU seems to? Does there have to be many fields in an imported CSV? I just need Name, EAN, Price.

    And how easy would it be to use just for that? Create new sale > Add > I presume the price will present itself somehow? Would it be easy to then just scan something else and ignore everything else?

    Slightly more advanced… can I scan multiple items and store them (either for later lookup online, or to export, or just view at another date)? I guess this would be done by saving a sale and starting a new one?

    And any ideas about what version of RedLaser they’re using (I guess not 2.6)?

    I think that’s all I wanted to know. Sorry to ask you all this, I’m just guessing a random blogger will be much more likely to reply than anyone involved programming it. Random bloggers are funny like that :)

  4. Oh I forgot to ask, any ideas on… Number of items in a CSV? We’re talking 1000s to 10,000s, not 10s or 100s. And anyway to scroll through them just by looking? That second pic looks promising.

    Anyway, thanks for any help, I may not need to mess with the RL SDK after all :)

  5. RIU is definitely based around selling instead of purchasing. You could upload a CSV of third-party products into the inventory, but the prices of those products would have to be included in the CSV. RIU does not search for the price anywhere except the list that you import.

    Before importing a CSV, every field needs to exist, but you can use null values (empty quotes) where you won’t be populating data.

    RIU should be able to handle a large list, but I’m not sure how big.. I have been using about 100 items, and it seems pretty smooth as long as I don’t group the product list by a bunch of categories. 10,000 might be excessive.

    For more technical questions (for example, the RedLaser version), please contact PingySoft Tech Support: http://www.pingysoft.com/Support.html


  6. This will be my 6th Blue Dome Festival and I am looking forward to another great festival. I do not understand why anyone going to Mayfest would park, enjoy themselves there, and then drive several blocks away to the Brady area when the Blue Dome Festival is so close to Mayfest and just enhances their experience by viewing over 150 Oklahoma artists of every genre, shape,color & style. I, for one, am ready to share my art with anyone and everyone. I hope to see you there. Blue Dome is the most fun and most lucrative of all the shows I do and I won’t forsake it for another.

    Dennis R. Scott

  7. We are looking into setting up a photo booth at our local art and wine festival. I have absolutely no clue where to start and how much money it will cost us.
    I wanted to thank you for your blog! It was very useful! Thank you for taking the time to write all that out.

  8. Blue Dome is the a great boost to local artists in Tulsa. The aspiriing as well as those with history deep in the arts scene have always found support at this venue. Brady and Blue Dome only show that the Arts are alive and well and booming in Oklahoma !

  9. Hi Jason….Remember me…your neighbor at last year’s blue dome..which festival are you doing…Mayfest, blue dome or Brady? I’ll be at blue dome. smack in the middle of it with a corner booth heha!! Hopefully not in the rain! Mary

  10. Thank you for this very useful information. Can you give me an idea of how much money you’ve made at various sized festivals? For example, a 1-day local arts festival with 20K attendees compared to a week-long 500K attendee state fair? Thank you very much…

    1. There doesn’t seem to be a link between gross sales and the size of the show, at least where my work is concerned. My work is location-based, and customers seem to be more attracted to imagery which was taken in their “back yard” — at least imagery which was taken in their home state. For instance, I had a three-day out-of-state show with over 400 artists and 300,000 visitors, and I only made $100 in sales. But there have been several occasions where I’ve done relatively tiny shows here in Oklahoma (~60 artists, ~10K attendees), and I broke $1,000 in the first day.

      Also, I’ve only been doing the art show circuit for three years. Even though I have had repeat customers, it hasn’t really been long enough for me to make a name for myself. I’ve heard of artists who can make upwards of $20,000 per show, but numbers like that are impossible for me because I don’t even carry around half that much inventory.

      The old chestnut “your mileage may vary” definitely applies to the art show circuit! :)

  11. This is wonderful invention. I’m livng in Malaysia. May i use this application in my country?
    Please advise. Thank you.

  12. Hi,
    I just stumbled upon your blog through Google, and I really enjoyed your comparison of the two different services. I will say that I have some experience with Intuit’s GoPayment, and I would like to clarify somethings on that end.

    Now, one of the first things you talk about is the hardware that is available for GoPayment. The Mophie is available for the iPhone 3g/s and iPhone 4, but, it is made by a separate company aside from Intuit. That white card reader that you see on the site is the one that Intuit is offering for free. I will say that it is a compact card reader (seems to be a bit bigger than the Square), but it still conveniently fits into your pocket, and is very sturdy.

    Also, the different plans that are available, the high volume and the low volume, do suit different business types. Going over that 1000$ limit doesn’t automatically switch you over to the high volume plan, nor does it charge you any extra penalty fee. Some businesses aren’t going to be processing on a monthly basis, so thats where the low volume plan fits better than paying a fee for lower rates that I won’t be using all the time.

    And, as for Amex, it is included for free without having to go through and signing up for a separate account. While doing the app, either online or on the phone with a rep, you will be asked if you want to accept Amex or not. The only difference is that Amex has a different rate then the discount rates that you see for Visa/Mastercard/Discover.

    I hope that this was able to clear some things up for you as well as other people reading this. I will say that I have no experience with SquareUp, only GoPayment.

    Take care, and keep the cool blog posts!

  13. What has been really missed here is the fact that, so many years ago, (as I well remember, as an artist that participated in the festival, in 1991, and 1992) the Paseo Festival started as a street fair. The street fair that included; local artists, local businesses, people who dabbled in art, simple people who loved art, and had it to sell. I remember Kirby who owned Zat’s selling Birkenstocks, I remember a funny guy who, didnt make them , but sold great hats, I remember jewelry vendors that just wanted to take part in a show in OKC because it was close to home. My point is….the recent push by the Paseo Artist Assoc. to make The Paseo Fest a “copy” of the downtown show is so very unneeded. Paseo has proven it’s worth and need no coaching, the artists and businesses that are open for people to view and see every day deserve the credit for bringing back the “GEM” of OKC, just as the surrounding neighbors do. As a person who bought a home in the Paseo, after putting a business there can say, “you can’t just sink money into a blighted area and expect it to come back” it takes a surrounding support group. I love the Plaza , but , Im still careful of where I park.
    All and all, isnt there enough customer money to go around for all of us? Don’t we all just love Paseo and progress?

  14. Jason, you’ll have to add a new arts festival to your list–Arts Trek in Shawnee, OK. It is held on the grounds of the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art and St. Gregory’s Abbey and University. This was our second year for the event, which was April 16, 2011; we’ll be looking at April 21 for next year. I hope you’ll join us! http://www.artstrek.org

    P.S. If you haven’t visited the Mabee-Gerrer, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you a free pass or two–we’re just down the road.

  15. My husband is a photographer starting art shows at the end of this month (in Utah), and even though you are not anywhere close, I still enjoy reading about your art festival experiences (I found your blog a few weeks ago). Very entertaining! :)

  16. This is high comedy! “Did you fake this?” So great. Looking forward to seeing the booth at Mayfest.