OMG, where has the time gone. It’s 2011 already? ..and nearly two months into it??

I was hoping to write a few more iPhone app reviews, create a real estate & commercial photo gallery, brag about all the work I’m doing for the Stillwater Art Guild, get all excited about the art shows I’m getting into (and complain about Zapp in the process), brag about a gallery that’s fixing to show my work, complain that Stillwater is going to shrivel up and die because it didn’t get over 50,000 people in the latest census — but for whatever reason, I apparently suck at the time management.

Then my apartment flooded, and I had to move. (We had two blizzards and the empty apartment unit above my neighbor didn’t have the heat on. The pipes froze, he lost his living room ceiling, and my carpet got all the runoff.)

The good part is I have a new address — one that I feel comfortable posting on the internet:

Jason Wallace Photography
PO Box 95
Stillwater, OK 74076

Once I get a mess of damp boxes unpacked, I’ll get back into this whole blog-posting thing! Stay tuned!