Yeah, there’s broken glass everywhere. I’ll deal with that later.

But first..

A little birdie told me that during late-October and early-November, all of the leaves on the trees collectively take LSD, change into bright magical colors, eventually get dizzy enough to jump from the balconies of their summer homes, gracefully drift to the earth and turn into dust and snowflakes. So for those few weekends, I have taken it upon myself to drive to the far-reaches of this fine state and photograph all of the many permutations of that very event.

Talimena Scenic Drive. Welp, never been there before! Sign me up!

Talimena Drive (01 - the road itself)

Emerald Sunrise

Talimena Drive (05)

(What a difference the clouds make!)

Next up: Turner Falls, Oklahoma. I’ve been there a zillion times growing up, but until a single outing earlier this year, I never intentionally went there under my own power.

Autumn Castle

Yeah, Oklahoma has castles.. Who knew?

Now for the Wichita Mountains. I’ve done the art festival in Lawton twice now, but I have yet to do the mountains justice.

No Dodge Darts
"No Dodge Darts"

…luckily I was driving a minivan, so I continued.

Wichita Sunrise

Who cares what stage of grief this is. This is fun!

..and I still have a few more weeks to go!