X-Rite has this nifty little online test for checking how well your eyes can discern different colors: The Color IQ Test.

Here’s what the test looks like when you start. Simply arrange the color squares to create a gradient from left to right. Sounds easy enough, right?

X-Rite Color IQ Test

When you’re done, click the “Score Test” button to see how you did:

Why, hello there :)

I guess I shouldn’t pat myself on the back too much because not only is it not a scientific test, but I’m almost certain the make & model of your monitor can affect the test. I tried it at work, where I have a cheapo 19″ Dell monitor that makes the colors shift around if you so much as tilt your head, and I scored a 4.

But heck, if you’re trying to avoid real work and you’ve already exhausted the internet’s entire supply of flash games, give it a go!