I was going to be in Kansas making a delivery to some family members, so what the heck.. A friend and I turned it into a mini road trip to Monument Rocks. He hadn’t seen it, and I wanted to add more out-of-state photos to my collection.

We didn’t plan for an intense storm to come through! The light was wicked cool, and we got drenched after only being there for 45 minutes! The rain stopped about as quickly as it started, so we got a second go right before sunset. I also tried to get some sunrise photos the next morning. Here was the result (click for larger copies on flickr):

Monument Rocks 2011 - 01

Monument Rocks 2011 - 03

Monument Rocks 2011 - 02

Reflecting the Keyhole

Monument Rocks 2011 - 07

Monument Rocks 2011 - 10