OSU Student Union 2011 remodel (photo set)

The Student Union at Oklahoma State University, which is prominently featured on my main photo gallery, is not only the largest student union in the world, but after 18 months and 40-some-odd million dollars later, it’s getting even bigger!

student union remodel - 01

Invisible Staircase.

student union remodel - 03

Don't remember these steps? That's because they've been walled-up for the past 15-20 years.

student union remodel - 06

I'll take one of the 30s and a couple of the 97s

student union remodel - 05 (circle of power)

circle of power

student union remodel - 08

The Implement.

student union remodel - 07

It sits alone in the basement and pumps out shelves all day.

union basement

The new basement looks like the set of a game show

orange on orange

If you come to OSU, you better like the color orange...

student union remodel - 04

..because that's what you're getting.

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