photocrati galleryThe first half of June 2013 was a personal trip to the peninsula of Sorrento, Italy. I was there with three friends, and we rented an apartment in Sant’Agnello (immediately to the east of the city of Sorrento). We walked pretty much everywhere, shopped at the supermarket, cooked dinner for ourselves half the time, and in all the excitement we changed our itinerary several times — we basically lived there for two weeks. It was as magnificent as it sounds!

See below for the index of the photo gallery —


1 – The coast of Sorrento at night

2 – The coast of Sorrento – Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

3 – Albergo “Lorelei et Londres” at sunset, Sorrento (map)

4 – one of the sides of Sorrento (map)

5-7 – Sunset at the Villa Garden Hotel (map)

8-14 – Cloister of St. Francesco, Sorrento

15 – Prosecco – Bar Ristoro, Villa Cimbrone, Ravello (360 view)

16-17 – Terrace of Infinity, Villa Cimbrone, Ravello (360 view)

18 – Atrani, same point of view as M.C. Escher

19 – Statue of Augustus Caesar with distant Faraglioni rocks, from the overlook at Isle of Capri

20 – Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

21 – red building on the walk down from Ravello to Atrani

22 – Amalfi Coast

23 – overlook at Sant’Agata

24-25 – Sunrise from overlook at Piazza Tasso, Sorrento (map)

26-28 – the old mill of Sorrento (It’s in a 200-foot-deep valley in the middle of town)

29-30 – Pompeii

31-32 – Herculaneum (one of the other cities destroyed by Vesuvius)

33-38 – Pompeii

39 – randomness from the Isle of Capri

40 – view of Vesuvius on a walk back to Sant’Agnello

41-45 – morning shots from the balcony of the Grand Hotel Cocumella

46-51 – Galleria Umberto I, Naples

52-60 – Churches in the area (Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello, Sorrento)