(Edit 05/15/2012) – Coincidentally enough, right as I posted this, the Stillwater Multi Arts Center found another photographer to teach a digital photography class. That doesn’t mean I can’t teach one as well, but there would be a LOT of overlap in the subject matter. (See the Summer Class Schedule for details.)

If all goes well, I’ll try to get lesson plans put together up for a fall class. I’m also up for one-on-one tutorials as well.

The Multi Arts Center in downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma is looking for new teachers, and they have an opening for a class on digital photography.

I am considering jumping in, but I only have a rough idea of what I would cover. I have an even more vague notion of the cost. Depending on the details, it might be a one-day workshop, or it might be a several-weekend class. So before I give it a go, I’m curious how many people would be interested in this.

The field of digital photography is quite large. Do you have anything specific in mind?

What about the structure of the class?

Length of class?

Let me know what you think — respond to this post, or email me directly: jason@jwallacephoto.com

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  1. I would be interested in a one weekend class. Certainly I would like to do more if I were not driving so far. Adobe light room along with some of the basics of composing a shot to its fullest potential would be interesting to me.
    Lecturing with demonstrations would be fine by me. Perhaps even an object to shoot while getting pointers from you as well.
    I find myself close to Stillwater several times a year, but primarily during the week. Would one on one training with flexible dates be possible? Do you have a gallery in Stillwater?

  2. Jason, this is Cal Underwood, Stillwater. My wife and i bought 2 of your Talihina photos at the Stw show. We talked about you doing a class. I have some ideas that are basically self-serving, but maybe they will give some ideas. I am also not up on what Multi is offering nowdays on Photography but I will check with Bill Miller. so short to the point here is my list.
    1. digital cameras today. Specs, lenses, What kind of camera equipment do we really need. this could be one hour, one class? Or you don’t feel completely comfortable with the total subject then maybe you know someone that is.
    2. The real stuff is what you are probably comfortable with and that is taking pics with Digital cameras. Lighting, f-stops, framing etc. I am old school and all i know about cameras were film cameras, so maybe there are new things to learn about how to use Digital.
    3. Post processing. So how do get from printing out pics on a inkjet printer at home to canvas. it could start with just the basics like what are the options for printing pics to advanced to this is what you can do with pics while printing.
    4. this may not be your specialty but what about Photoshopping…Adobe….maybe just talk about it in a basic class
    5. I could see a beginner Basic class, then maybe an experienced class. I think an Adobe class would have to be a completely separate class and maybe something Bill could consider. I know Meridian does some of this and that may be better done there.

    thanks a lot
    Cal and Selena Underwood

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