On the fourth Monday of every month (from September to November, and January to April), the Stillwater Art Guild presents an artist who demonstrates his or her artistic method to the crowd.

For the meeting this November, it’s my turn!

Basically, you’ll spend about two hours watching some computer nerd (me) sit in front of a computer, dink around in Photoshop, and project the results up on the wall.

(I’ll try to keep it interesting, because the only other time I did this, I was a nervous wreck who forgot his lines!)

Auditorium of the Sheerar Center
7th and Duncan
Stillwater, Oklahoma
(Google Maps: this big building)

Time & Date:
September 23, 2009
7:00pm to about 9:00pm

For more info, see the Stillwater Art Guild’s website:

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  1. Jason, I attended your demonstration in Stillwater last week. I had purchased a print from you last year and I received one of your postcards about the event. It was wonderful getting to learn more about your process. I had to send you this note because you and I share something very funny in common. I was a yearbook/photo student in 95 & 96 and my dad was how I was introduced to photography. In fact I am a yearbook printing rep, which means I never truly left yearbooks. Some of the things you talked about, like the software available in 96, I completely related too and how photoshop is where most darkroom techniques are now performed. Your work is very refreshing and I truly enjoyed the evening. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list and I would love to attend any other events.

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