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Progress on new canvas images

Mirror-wrap, drying, ready for coating and wood

More new stuff happening at The Barn!

Progress on new prints


A selection of new prints from my “Italy 2013” collection.

Canvas is next, and I plan to sleep sometime in November.

My photos in the OSU Reboot Center

Some of my photos are on permanent display in the “Reboot Center” on the Oklahoma State University campus. The director purchased my work because they were looking for pieces which complemented the restful and relaxing atmosphere.

You can see my work on the wall behind President Burns Hargis:

Photos on display:

  • Monument Valley Sunset
  • Sunrain
  • Emerald Vista
  • Lutheran Moon (Dead of Winter) — which isn’t on my website yet, but will be soon.

Promotion for Talimena Scenic Drive

A few months back, I offered a few photos of the Talimena Scenic Drive back to the drive itself — the non-profit Talimena Scenic Drive Association.

They are going all-out with a new promotion — redesigning their website, uploading new photos to Facebook, the works!


I wish I could give the riders credit too, but they went by while I was taking their photo from the sunroof of my van.

Check out the new site at


Five of my photos are visible from the main page!

Also posted in Photo Set

Would you be interested if I taught a photography class?

(Edit 05/15/2012) – Coincidentally enough, right as I posted this, the Stillwater Multi Arts Center found another photographer to teach a digital photography class. That doesn’t mean I can’t teach one as well, but there would be a LOT of overlap in the subject matter. (See the Summer Class Schedule for details.)

If all goes well, I’ll try to get lesson plans put together up for a fall class. I’m also up for one-on-one tutorials as well.

The Multi Arts Center in downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma is looking for new teachers, and they have an opening for a class on digital photography.

I am considering jumping in, but I only have a rough idea of what I would cover. I have an even more vague notion of the cost. Depending on the details, it might be a one-day workshop, or it might be a several-weekend class. So before I give it a go, I’m curious how many people would be interested in this.

The field of digital photography is quite large. Do you have anything specific in mind?

  • Organizing and developing photos in Adobe Lightroom.
  • Shooting flowers in low-light conditions on the second Tuesday of every odd-numbered month in Oklahoma counties ending in the letter e! (..speaking of which, Le Flore county is quite nice this time of year!)
  • Or would you like an overview of everything: “This is a camera. This is the button you press to make the camera do stuff. Go!”

What about the structure of the class?

  • Hands-on tutorial: Bring your camera and computer, and we do the occasional outdoor workshop together.
  • Lecture / Seminar: Watch me press buttons during the class, and you work at your own pace outside of class.

Length of class?

  • A single weekend workshop, done.
  • An ongoing course that meets every weekend, for a couple months straight.
  • Combination of the two: “Part 1” meets for a couple days. “Part 2” meets for a couple more. Then there’s probably a “Part 3”, and you can enroll in them one at a time, or all at once.

Let me know what you think — respond to this post, or email me directly: